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I had to read Cavern of the Blood Zombies by Xu Lei after finishing Search for the Buried Bomber. The sequel to Bomber hadn’t been translated and I was thirsting for more books by this author. Luckily, Things Asian Press has managed to put two other of his books into print.

Rogue Angel #1: DESTINY

With all the “new pulp” talk these days, it’s time to start looking at some contemporary novel series. The 70’s and 80’s were good for the men’s action adventure books, this millennia, not so good. I keep expecting kindle and e-book publishing to solve that little problem, but in the meantime, Let’s see what else is out there.

THE FLYING BEAST by Walter S. Masterman

“#7 The Flying Beast. Masterman again takes the detective formula and runs berserk, this time with a haunted English manor, murder, anti-gravity metal, a lost race of troglodytes, and a hidden abyss in the desert.”

– Karl Edward Wagner, “Thirteen Best Science Fiction Horror Novels” (Twilight Zone Magazine, 1983).